Rocket League Boosts Its Way To Neo Tokyo In A Huge Update

Rocket League gets a little cyberpunk with huge Neo Tokyo update.

Rocket League will be getting its largest update ever with the release of its "Neo Tokyo" update, which will be available for free on June 20th. The update will include a new arena in "Neo Tokyo", inspired by cyberpunk dystopias (*cough* Akira *cough*). The Neo Tokyo arena is an updated version of the multi-level arena Underpass, which was released as part of the "Rocket Labs" test map playlist.

What's Coming in "Neo Tokyo"

  • A reset to Rocket League's Competitive Playlist for the upcoming third Season  
  • Over 20 new "rare" and "very rare" item types for post game drops.
  • "Certified" items which track in-game stats.
  • "Trade In" system that allows players to swap multiple common items for a rare one.
  • A new experimental arena named Pillars which splits the field into three lanes with two giant walls in the middle of the stadium. 
  • The Showroom, which lets players view and purchase all of Rocket League's previous and upcoming premium DLC.
  • Painted items to offer color variation.
  • New post game celebrations for the winners to show off a little bit by boosting, spinning, or jumping with their car.
  • Quick-Chat options that expand player's choices when it comes to in-game communication.

Two Neo-Tokyo inspired cars, "Esper" and "Masamune" will follow the update, and be available for purchase on July 18th for $1.99. Collector's Edition owners will receive an early chance to snag the two additions to Rocket League's garage on June 24th in Europe, and July 5th in North America.   

"Marauder" and "Aftershock", which were timed exclusives for Rocket League's retail release, will also be available on July 18th for purchase. 


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Published Jun. 10th 2016

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