Battle-Cars Afterschock and Marauder Return in Rocket League

Aftershock and Marauder cars from Battle-Cars will return in Rocket League

Indie game studio Psyonix posted today on their blog that two classic cars of their Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars game from 2008, the Aftershock and Marauder, will return in Rocket League as premium DLC.

Battle-Cars, the little-known predecessor to Rocket League, first released on PlayStation 3 to average reviews, and featured a similar style of unique soccer gameplay that Rocket League is known and loved for, with miniature model cars maneuvering a massive soccer ball to score goals.

The Marauder and Aftershock cars will retain their original thematic design. The Aftershock car will take on an aerodynamic frame associated with jet-planes, while the Marauder will be a bulky, utility-like SUV. Both vehicles will come with six stylish decals that can be seen in the trailer above. 

The two cars will first release exclusively in the retail copy of the Rocket League Collector's Edition on July 5th, which will be available digitally July 18th. 

The cars can also be purchased individually for $1.99, or the regional equivalence. 

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Published Jun. 18th 2020

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