Warhammer 40k: A Guide to Painting (Basic)

A basic guide for painting a Dark Angel Space Marine basic infantry troop.

Painting BasicsSo I’d like to make a basic guide for painting your Warhammer 40k models. I'll be using a Dark Angels Space Marine basic infantry model from the Dark Vengeance set for this guide. Also, the paints I use are from the Citadel Paints line so I'll be using the names on the current listing when I name colors.  You will need the following materials for this: Paint (preferably Citadel Paints as they supply the colors intended for use on the armies) 2 sets of paintbrushes. (2 of each of the following: fine detail brush, basic brush, and large brush. 1 set for light colors 1 set for dark colors. The dark color large brush can also be used for base coating. Games Workshop’s online store has all the brushes you could want for your projects basic or otherwise.) 2 brush cleaner bowls with water in them. (Again 1 for light colors and one for dark colors. 2 rags to wipe your brushes on. A few models to paint. (You’ll want to do a few at a time so you can work on one while another dries.) A plan for what you want your models to look like.(Basically pick an army color scheme before you start or they will look like crap later.) Once you gather all materials and ideas you want to start with the base coat. Get your large dark color brush and paint a happy little base coat on all the models you plan on working on. Abaddon Black is the color I suggest using for base coating. Next step is detailsI like to do the details before the main painting because I can just do touch ups after if necessary. On the front side I used Ushabti Bone on the chest insignia and the scroll work on the gun, with the light color medium brush. It takes a second coat normally to paint light colors onto black.I then cleaned the brush and used White Scar on the left shoulder insignia, note I will wash brushes after each individual section so just remember to wash your brush after each color is finished.For the left knee, I used Flash Gitz Yellow, to hand modify it with what I assume is a company insignia. I'm using the base color scheme the set used for the Dark Angels, however some sections don't have the details molded into the model.After that I switched brushes to the medium dark color brush to paint the tactical squad insignia on the right shoulder, as well as the main part of the gun in Evil Sunz Scarlet. Added in a dot with the fine detail dark color brush to each eye as well.Next step was pretty basic, I just painted the main sections of the model Caliban Green.For the final stepI removed all 3 pieces from the sheet. I then added the green to the kneepad. Afterwards, I touched up the areas where I had to cut away the plastic from. Finally, I added in the metal coloring with the fine detail light color brush, Runefang Steel on the gun and Auric Armour Gold for the skull on the back pack.   

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Published Dec. 5th 2013
  • Kazemusha
    I really need to put together my eldar...and finish painting my high elves...
  • GabrielKross
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    I've always been more of a boltgun fan myself I think the next group I look into will be Sisters of Battle I already have some Grey Knights

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