Capcom Recruiting Resident Evil Fans to Test New Game

Could Capcom be getting ready for Resident Evil 8? Might we see an RE3 remake coming soon? Is testing for the Switch ports of RE5 and RE6?

Capcom seems like it could possibly be gearing up for some kind of Resident Evil announcement in the coming months.

Resident Evil fansite Biohaze came across and translated a posting from Capcom Japan asking the Resident Evil fan community (Biohazard in Japan) to sign up for a round of testing related to an upcoming game. Since Capcom is specifically asking RE fans, we can reasonably assume the game being tested is connected to the series.

Here's the announcement in full:

To all Resident Evil Ambassadors,

Thank you for your patronage regarding the Resident Evil series.

Today, we are letting you know that we are recruiting testers for a game that’s in development!! [sic]

We are interested in incorporating the feedback of all Ambassadors into our development, so please read the details below and, if you are interested in participating, click the Entry button.

Of course, with Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 coming to the Nintendo Switch this October, it's always possible this testing could be connected to those releases.

If so, it might even serve as a reward of sorts for loyal fans. Biohaze also mentioned Capcom held a meeting with the Resident Evil Ambassadors in late June, meaning the company could just be taking a greater interest in taking notice of long-time fans.

Then again, it's also possible Capcom is preparing another new game in the series or another remake.

Chatter started swirling earlier this year, shortly after the Resident Evil 2 remake released, when Capcom released a survey asking what fans wanted in a new game, and it's been a while now since the much-needed revitalization that was Resident Evil 7 launched.

There's always the possibility that we might see a Resident Evil 3 remake after all, or the long-awaited Resident Evil 8 could finally be moving forward.

Only time (or an official release) will tell. 


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Published Aug. 2nd 2019

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