Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Birthdays and Holiday Calendar

Why keep checking the in-game calendar when you can just keep a list of Friends of Mineral Town's birthdays and festivals up and ready to read?

You could settle for just giving your neighbors gifts on any random day in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, but you need to know their birthdays if you're serious about building relationships with the townsfolk.

Birthdays are the perfect time to give gifts, as gifts given on birthdays give a bonus to their affection towards you. It also sort of makes up for time you've spent totally ignoring someone, just a bit anyway

The calendar listings below touch on both the birthdays and holidays to expect during your time in Mineral Town. These can actually be seen in-game, but if you're like me, you may prefer to have them written out to look at while you're running around town.

What are alt birthdays?

The game tries not to make it so you have a birthday on the same day as other important characters, so alt birthdays are set when you have your birthday on the same day as their default.

For example, Popuri's birthday is by default on Summer 3. If you set your birthday to Summer 3, her birthday will be moved to Summer 10 instead.

Spring Birthdays and Holidays

  • Spring 1: Mochi Pounding Tournament
  • Spring 4: Bold's birthday
  • Spring 8: Harvest Goddess' birthday, Kappa's birthday
  • Spring 9: Harvest Goddess' alt birthday, Kappa's alt birthday
  • Spring 11: Saibara's birthday
  • Spring 14: White Day
  • Spring 15: Blueberry's birthday
  • Spring 16: Elly's birthday
  • Spring 17: Mugi's birthday
  • Spring 18: Horse Race Festival
  • Spring 19: Lillia's birthday
  • Spring 20: Elly's alt birthday, Gourmet's alt birthday
  • Spring 21: Gourmet's birthday
  • Spring 22: Cooking Festival
  • Spring 26: Aqua's birthday
  • Spring 30: Sasha's birthday

Summer Birthdays and Holidays

  • Summer 1: Frisbee Festival
  • Summer 3: Popuri's birthday
  • Summer 4: Harris' birthday
  • Summer 6: Cliff's birthday
  • Summer 7: Cluck Cluck Festival
  • Summer 10: Popuri's alt birthday, Cliff's alt birthday
  • Summer 11: Basil's birthday
  • Summer 16: Timid's birthday
  • Summer 17: Ran's birthday, Kai's alt birthday
  • Summer 20: Moo Moo Festival
  • Summer 22: Ran's alt birthday
  • Summer 24: Fireworks Festival
  • Summer 25: Thomas' birthday
  • Summer 29: Zack's birthday

Fall Birthdays and Holidays

  • Fall 2: Gotts' birthday
  • Fall 3: Music Festival
  • Fall 5: Yu's birthday
  • Fall 7: Brandon's birthday
  • Fall 9: Harvest Festival
  • Fall 10: Greedy's birthday
  • Fall 11: Mana's birthday
  • Fall 13: Moon Festival
  • Fall 14: Cherry's birthday
  • Fall 15: Karen's birthday
  • Fall 18: Horse Race Festival
  • Fall 19: Doctor's birthday
  • Fall 20: Carter's birthday
  • Fall 21: Fluffy Festival
  • Fall 23: Anna's birthday, Karen's alt birthday, Rock's alt birthday
  • Fall 25: Doctor's alt birthday
  • Fall 27: Rick's birthday
  • Fall 30: Pumpkin Festival

Winter Birthdays and Holidays

  • Winter 2: Jennifer's birthday
  • Winter 6: Gray's birthday
  • Winter 11: Dudley's birthday
  • Winter 13: Ellen's birthday
  • Winter 14: Valentine's Day
  • Winter 15: Duke's birthday
  • Winter 19: Huang's birthday
  • Winter 20: Marie's birthday
  • Winter 21: Huang's alt birthday
  • Winter 22: Nappy's birthday
  • Winter 23: Marie's alt birthday, Gray's alt birthday
  • Winter 24: Starry Night Festival
  • Winter 25: Knit Stocking Gift Day
  • Winter 26: Mei's birthday
  • Winter 29: Jeff's birthday
  • Winter 30: New Year's Festival


There's a lot to know about making the most of your time in Mineral Town, but that's all you need to know about birthdays! Check out our other Friends of Mineral Town guides, but above all, enjoy the game in your own way and in your own time. You never know what you'll come across.

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