Dating the Nintendo Switch: A New Experience for This Gaming Millennial

Dates can be great and heartfelt, or they can be cold and horrible. This is a descriptive report of my first encounter with the Switch.

With the accumulation of Nintendo consoles, I decided to date the most recent of them, the Nintendo Switch. I've read in-depth articles, and I've immersed myself into the vastness of the Zelda: Breathe of the Wild E3 trailer. I've had  great relationships with the NES (I love the SNES but never owned it), Gameboy Color, Wii, and New Nintendo 3DS XL Red. Since I am already engaging in polygamy, why not embrace a new romantic adventure with this newly developed handheld?

Here's a detailed account of my first date with this upcoming multi-faceted console, the Switch.

Flirting with New Ideas

Browsing through Target, BestBuy, and Walmart's electronic section marked "Pre-Order the Switch and accessories," I decided to pre-order through Walmart because of my desire for easy travel around midnight after a long day of manufacturing. So far so good, right?


After making payments using Walmart's layaway system, the staff said that I was the first to order the Switch which surprised and excited me. Then I went to the Internet to pre-order the launch title for the device Zelda: Breathe of the Wild Special Edition via Ebay using my Paypal account. While the Master Edition looks incredible in its artistic presentation, it seemed like a poor choice since I lacked space to display the Master Sword statue at my current residence, so I took the Special Edition instead. Once my excitement kicked in thinking my order was sufficient, I received an email saying that I would be refunded. Little did I know, through sheer ignorance, Paypal had a policy that directly restricts buyers from massive online pre-ordering.


I was distraught because previously I was snubbed from the Fire Emblem Fates 3DS Special Edition thinking I could take my good ol' time. This time I was very aggressive in my research, timing, and purchase power.

Even though it was a rocky start, the seller worked with me so that I would still get the new Zelda title a little later than originally planned. The staff at Buy a Switch LLC did a fantastic job communicating with me and I would highly recommend them to my friends. Now to proceed to the actual date night.

Date Midnight

That evening, and after picking up my brother from work, I traveled down the highway to Walmart -- this was around midnight -- to pick up the Switch. Once I walked back to the layaway section, I saw a line of 12 people waiting patiently, including a fellow co-worker. One by one the Switches disappeared, luckily when it was my turn I got to pick the Blue and Red Joy-Con Switch, which is what I really wanted compared to the standard Black Joy-con Switch -- I wasn't sure there would be any left because they aren't the standard.

I returned home, and got ready to setup my Switch the next day.


It was finally time to get to know the Switch. I plugged in the charger and immediately the screen turned on. Hello, Switch. I then slipped the Blue-Red Joy-Cons down the sides of the brightly lit screen; strangely enough, they moved with ease and snapped into place with a "click."

I was then asked by the Switch's on-screen instructions to remove the Joy-Cons by pushing in a black button located on the upper-back of the controllers; this was not as easily executed as putting the controllers on, but it would allow me to test the wireless capabilities of the Joy-Cons. The motion controller are pretty smooth when moving of the cursor (and I wanted to avoid smudging the screen). Then, like all modern systems, I was asked to create usernames -- I could then select an iconic nintendo character as my avatar (I decided to go with the Breathe-of-the-Wild Link icon). That was followed by selecting a background color.

Lastly, I had to install an update. This took some time because of our slow wireless internet, but there is an accessory avaliable for Ethernet to be used.

Where Are We Going? Puppy Love

I'm very excited about this new system and the whole duality of moving from big screen TV to a small screen portable handheld is really what I always wanted from the Wii U -- which also had a very limited library. I decided purchasing the Switch would be better because of the new Zelda title, Hollow Knight announcement, Dragon Quest X and XI not to mention possible Ni no Kuni 2 rumor and Project Octopath Traveler from the makers of the Bravely Default, one of my favorite series from the Nintendo 3DS' amazing library of JRPGs.

It would seem that the Nintendo Switch plans on catering to the RPG gaming community and I couldn't be more excited. Furthermore, any platformer on a high resolution device -- which can transported at will -- also seems like a great asset to be had with our daily hustling and bustling.

Just so the world doesn't think I am a weirdo, I'm not really dating the Switch, but it will be interesting to see where this relationship goes and I do plan on chronicling my adventures via GameSkinny. Stay tuned, readers!


Long time ago I remember purchasing NES cartridges at Jamie's Flea Market for $1-3 bucks. Now I go to stores and see current games range from $39.99-59.99. Gaming in general has helped me connect with others around me and I see my ability to write as an even bigger bridge. I enjoy jrpgs (Suikoden, FFXI, FFTactics), sidescrollers (Blaster Master, Boy and his Blob, Heart of Darkness), 3D platformers (Spyro, Mario 64, BanjoKazooie) and quirky shooters (Golden Eye, Perfect Dark, Timesplitter 2)

Published Mar. 15th 2017

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