10 Best Custom Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Stage Builder Stages So Far

World of B U M P


Created by: El-Emerald

World of Bump is pretty impressive for a few reasons. What initially looks like a haphazard mess is actually a carefully planned layout of bumpers that adds a nice layer of difficulty to each match.

It's possible to begin a fight without being affected by the bumpers, but inevitably, you'll get tossed around as the fracas progresses. The spacing is enough so it's not an endless bounce, though; there's a chance to recover and hop in between the other bumpers.

It's actually an effective way of getting players used to how each character moves and how to vary jump heights and ranges.

The ones on the edge of the stage are the most interesting, though.

If you've played Smash even a little, chances are, you know how it works when a foe chucks a bumper on the edge. You'll either get a nice recovery bounce, or you're chucked down to your doom.

That's basically every time characters fall off the stage here. Expect plenty of score variations in World of Bump and some hectic, frenetic matches on whole.

Published Apr. 24th 2019

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