10 Best Custom Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Stage Builder Stages So Far

Vinesauce Grapes


Created by: Danny

There are a lot of outlandish custom Smash stages, but this is certainly one of the more... interesting ones.

The man's face resembles a mid-20th-Century cartoon design. Despite being a little creepy, it's actually quite good, particularly the use of texture and how the hair was handled.

What message Danny is trying to send to us about him isn't as clear, though. Is he lonely? Did he turn to grapes to heal his lonely heart? Or is he choosing grapes over loneliness? We may never know.

At the very least, it makes for a varied Smash match. The three main surfaces lend themselves to different kinds of combat, so it's never a dull moment with Mr. Thing.

Hurling foes off the grapes is satisfying in itself. However, the lonely letters make for a different kind of fight that mixes offense and defense and forces you to use powerful moves to get opponents out from their alphabetic trenches.

Or if you want, there's the more traditional kind of brawl waiting for you on top of the hair.

Published Apr. 24th 2019

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