Mega Man Legacy Collection debuts on Nintendo eShop

The Blue Bomber's six classic adventures arrive on the Nintendo eShop today. The Legacy collection is available digitally and physically for the 3DS.

Mega Man Legacy Collection arrived on Nintendo eShop for 3DS today (Feb 23). Capcom's latest celebration of the Blue Bomber features the original six games. New ways to enjoy and experience the iconic franchise are also included. 

Mega Man Legacy Collection was released digitally for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows (Steam) last August. Today, along with the eShop release, the collection is available physically for all platforms. The collector's edition of the 3DS version comes packaged with a golden Mega Man amiibo. If you didn't pre-order, this edition is still available through several retailers.

The biggest additions to the classic games are Challenge Mode and Museum Mode. Challenge Mode remixes segments from all six games. Experienced players will enjoy scaling difficulty levels. This same scaling difficulty makes challenge mode good for beginner players as well.

Using your Mega Man amiibo activates eleven remix challenge levels for you to conquer. Museum Mode is a collection of production art and concept sketches. Rare history pieces such as the original NES cart design are found here.

There have been several collections of the classic Mega Man games over the years. But this is the first time on current generation consoles that Rock Man, Mega Man or Blue Bomber has appeared. No matter what you call him, this collection is his legacy. Have fun rediscovering one of the most iconic characters of gaming.


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Published Oct. 22nd 2021

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