For Honor Guide: Shugoki Info and Tips

Learn how to use weight to your advantage with this For Honor Shugoki guide!

Shugoki is the hard-hitting Heavy character for the Samurai faction in For Honor. He attacks with a giant spiked club, and has a passive uninterruptible stance -- which lets him get a free attack off even if being hit.

He attacks very slowly and moves even slower, but his massive attack makes up for it. Even though he is listed as Easy because of his powerful attack and simple moves, playing him well is pretty difficult. I'm going to help by explaining how to best use the Saumrai's muscle.

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This guide will go everything you need to know about the Shugoki in For Honor, including:

  • Shugoki Basics - Specific mechanics the Shugoki uses, as well as his moves
  • Shugoki Gear - Suggested stats to shoot for when equipping gear
  • Shugoki Tips - Extra tips for playing this hero at a higher level

Shugoki Basics

for honor shugoki basics


  • Charging Heavy Attack - Hold Heavy Attack
    • This charges the attack to make it hit even harder. Great for when you have uninterruptible stance.
  • Bash and Smash - Light Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Bone Crusher - Heavy Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Crashing Thunder - Press Heavy Attack while sprinting
  • Charge of the Oni - Press Dodge while sprinting
  • Demon's Embrace - Down+Guardbreak
  • Demon Ball - Guardbreak, Heavy Attack
  • Headbutt - Light or Heavy Attack, Guardbreak

Specific Mechanics

  • Earn more Renown by assisting or saving heroes, and defending objectives to unlock your feats in a match.
  • Passive Uninterruptible Stance that lets you attack even when getting hit.
    • This is consumed whenever you get hit or Guardbroken, but will recover after a short time.
    • You take more damage while this stance is recharging.
  • Light Attacks are not interrupted on block, but are interrupted by Superrior Block.
  • Demon's Embrace will recover health when you succeed, but lose some if you miss.
    • This move will always kill an opponent when Shugoki is in a Critical health State.

Shugoki Gear

For honor shugoki gear stats

Shugoki hits hard and has a lot of health, but you will be taking damage a lot when using the uninterruptible stance -- so investing in Defense is a good idea.

  • Weapon Part 1 - All 3 are useful for Shugoki, but I prefer Defense over the others.
  • Weapon Part 2 - Revenge Mode Gain by Defense and Revenge Mode Defense.
    • Feat Cooldown can also be useful for getting certain passive feats, but I would still primarily raise one of the other 2.
  • Weapon Part 3 - Another stat where all 3 are useful for this hero. I suggest either Revenge Mode Attack or Revenge Gain by Injury.
  • Helm - Exhaustion Recovery is most important since Shugoki has an even bigger disadvantage in Exhaustion.
  • Chest - Execution Health Regen, followed by Block Damage.
  • Arms - Stamina Regen or Block Damage Resistance.

Other Shugoki Tips

for honor shugoki combat

Learn how your Uninterruptible Stance Works

This is a huge part of Shugoki's playstyle and will mean the difference between a good and bad player. Learn which attacks you can safely shrug off to go into your attack, and which you should block or parry instead.

Also, be sure to go on the defensive when you are recovering your Stance. You take more damage without it, so don't get hasty.

Master Demon's Embrace

This is a big risk, but great reward move at low critical health. You can come back from losing with an instant kill, but if you don't learn the distance and when it is safe -- you will die quickly.

It is also great when playing team games, or when someone is blocking since it is an unblockable grab. It is safer to use when your opponent has their back to something.

Don't be afraid to Demon Ball your way to Victory

Demon Ball is one of, if the longest, knockbacks in the game. It also has the added benefit of dealing decent damage, so keeping this in your rotation can make victory come more easily.

That's all of the For Honor Shugoki tips I have for you. Let me know if you have any questions or tips of your own!

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Published Feb. 24th 2017

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