Do We Really Need Fairy Type? Gamefreak's Announcement of New Pokemon in Generations X and Y

Is the rumour of a new type good for pokemon games or not?

We've all heard about the new type in the new Pokemon Generations X and Y, the fairy type Pokemon, right?

Some say it's not official yet, some say it is, and that Gamefreak has already added 4 Pokemon; the new eeveelution - Sylveon, along with Jigglypuff, Gardevoir and Marill

Say hello to your new type

Many have objected for the past two games and gens that they have gone off-road with the designs of Pokemon, that they have lost their realism, but adding a new type was something that outraged many gamers since we haven't had a new type of Pokemon since the 2nd generation or so.

first selection of Fairy Type


Why create a new type that is actually something irrelevant with the rest of the types?

This idea has a lot of fans, as dragon type was a little bit difficult to beat, suggesting other existing Pokemon have it as a secondary type or even as their primary type. Some of these are actually suitable to the fairy type (like Celebi which we can see it is like a fairy with his powers and its appearance), but there are other suggestions like Snubbull which - like its name is stating - is more like a bull or a dog, but not like a fairy.

Another addition to Fairy type are Mime Jr. and Mr. Mime, presumably just because they look like people which isn't actually fitting in a supposedly fairy-looking type.suggested pokemons for the fairy type
Whether the Fairy Type passes or not, we really have to think:

Why do we want to change Pokemon so much?

I personally cannot accept any other Pokemon than those of the first 4 generations. It seems like Pokemon became screwed up after the 4th generation, and I'm pretty sure a lot of people agree with me.

The world of Pokemon was actually enjoyable till the moment GF and Nintendo saw it as a money source and forgot that it is one of the best(-selling) game, anime and manga of all time.

Published Jun. 11th 2013
  • Lenora_4462
    Butthurt genwunner, huh. It's a pity, gen 5 improves dramatically on so much that went wrong in other generations (I'm thinking the Sinnoh Pokedex, which seemed like it was half new evolutions and prevolutions - I don't MIND new evos and prevos, but I would have liked new Pokemon). In terms of the new Pokemon available, new mechanics, new challenges (White Treehollow/Black Tower is magnificent, there's finally a tangible and USEFUL reward for catching 'em all, Dream World is wonderful, and the medal rally is great fun), and just general advancement of the series, B2W2 are objectively - no, not subjectively, OBJECTIVELY - the best in the series.

    And if you knew anything about Pokemon, you'd know that Snubbull's species name is 'Fairy Pokemon'...

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