Searches For Alternatives To Dungeon Keeper Up 1000% After Smartphone Game Flops

With the recent flop of EA's Dungeon Keeper I was interested to see if it had driven gamers back to the originals and games like it.

The release of a smartphone (iOS/Android) version of Dungeon Keeper was meant to bring the franchise back from the dead, but all it's done is destroy hope for countless fans that have waited nearly 15 years for this day.

The original Dungeon Keeper (1997)  was the first taste of video gaming I ever had, so I'm naturally an avid fan of the franchise. Of course I'm disappointed with the game that was produced and the greed of EA , which has undoubtedly destroyed this franchise forever.

I decided to wipe my tears aside, and started playing some of my favourite games like Dungeon Keeper instead to drown my sorrows. With a 0.3 score on Metacritic, I knew that I wasn't alone in my hate, so I decided to jump across to Google Trends for further analysis.

I was surprised to find that searches for "games like Dungeon Keeper" were up 500%:

I wasn't happy to stop there, though, as Google Trends only catches a single search term and I knew there was more angry gamers then that around.

At this point, I realised I had a unique connection in the industry* and sent an email to the administrator of Games Finder, a website that connects gamers with similar games (or similar stores through Stores Like Finderto see if I was alone in my quest to wash the bad taste of this Dungeon Keeper instalment out of my mouth.

After some back and forth emails, I was able to find out that their games like Dungeon Keeper page was "up 1000% from the period of January 30th to February 5th", so I guess a flop by EA isn't necessarily bad news for everyone.

If you're one of those people who have driven up the search by 1000% or are about to perform the search yourself, I strongly recommend the resource I linked above. I'll also add that War for the Overworld, a game attempting to capture what DK3 should have, is in an early access stage and is great. If you'd rather play the original Dungeon Keeper games then head over to to make a purchase. 

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Published Oct. 8th 2019

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