Adam Wolfe: The Devil You Know Episode 2 Review

Adam Wolfe is tasked with breaking open a puzzle box in The Devil You Know.

Adam Wolfe sets off on another investigation in Adam Wolfe: The Devil You Know. The Devil You Know is the second episode in the Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure (HOPA) from Mad Head Games. This takes place a short time after the first but no definitive passage of time is given. 

Adam Wolfe is tasked with opening a puzzle box in the hopes there will be an elixir inside to cure a dying girl. This leads Adam on a chase around the city where he ends up facing off against a mad serial killer. The story is still exciting, though filled with less plot twists than the first episode, An Ancient Flame. There are one or two brief moments that connect back to Adam's missing sister, but it is not as directly or dramatically as in the first episode.


The puzzles come with a bit more instructions this time, as long as you read what Adam says before trying them. There are a couple more hidden object puzzles as well. Only one of the hidden object puzzles got me completely frustrated. One of the items is hidden well, but the problem lies in that the object's color is very similar to what it is on, making it a bit hard to see. Beyond that, there is more variety in the puzzles, with only one or two repeating from the first episode.

The music, voice overs, and animation are still superbly executed. The story includes a flashback type story mechanic, starting from the middle of the investigation then jumping back to the beginning. This keeps the narrative fresh and interesting. New characters also join the fray against the supernatural. Another well done episode by Mad Head Games.

Review copy provided by Mad Head Games. Reviewed on Steam.  

Published Oct. 25th 2016

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