6 Games That Could Have Great Strategy Spin-Off Games

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2016 has been a good year for strategy games. The long-awaited Civilization VI released recently to much praise, and franchises outside of the genre have been throwing their hats into the ring. Recently, for example, it was announced that the popular MOBA SMITE is soon releasing its own strategy spin-off, called SMITE: Tactics.

For SMITE, this is simply a move that aims to diversify the series' audience by drawing in new fans who may not have been as interested in the original IP -- whether because they weren't MOBA fans or just liked strategy games a lot more. But for me, it's been a chance to reflect on which other games or game franchises could benefit from the same treatment, and which ones would have the most potential to give us great strategy spin-offs. 

I've come to the general conclusion that whenever a game has some kind of war in its backstory, it's perfectly possible to create a strategy spin-off that plays right into it. Although there are some other circumstances and settings where a strategy spin-off may work, war is generally either the focus or a main element of games in the genre. So it makes sense that most of the games to come will be focused around that. 

That said, here are 6 games that would be perfect candidates for their own strategy spin-offs.

Published Nov. 5th 2016

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