Star Citizen: Highest Grossing Crowdfunded Project

Star Citizen is the biggest crowdfunded game ever reaching over $10,000,000!

According to Cloud Imperium, Star Citizen has now reached $10,266,844. Star Citizen now holds the record for highest grossing crowd funded project. What is Star Citizen though? A friend of mine first introduced me to Star Citizen back in October of last year. I have to admit, from the video he showed me, the game looked pretty interesting. I was a bit skeptical of the game, however, due to the fact that it was being funded by the players.

Space the final frontier

We've played games with open world before, but from what I understand Star Citizen will be open space. According to their website, there will be over 100 star systems on launch for reaching over $6,000,000 in pledges. I think I might feel like Will Robinson in this game, so much space it would be hard not to get lost in it. Pledges earn rewards for donating to the game's success with a tier system. Each tier has different rewards, however, the top tier costing $15,000 has sold out.

Squadron 42

Squadron 42 is a completely optional single player campaign. It's a part of the military structure within the game. However, you can choose not to enlist in that structure. You could for instance, choose to go be a pirate instead. Attack ships, pillage, and hopefully loot.

What's all the hype really about?

After seeing my initial assessment of the game was in fact not how the developers wanted the game to go, I did some research. I went back and looked in depth to figure out what the hype really was about. It turns out the game is a patchwork quilt of all the top aspects of other game archetypes. RSI (Robert Space Industries) seems to be making a game where you can play any way you like; there is no right or wrong way to play.

Will I be purchasing the game?

Probably not. It doesn't have the anchor or hook to keep me playing. It is an interesting concept, but it's just not for me. I'll stick to the games that I enjoy, and leave this game for those who want to play it. If later on down the line I see something that draws me back to the game I'll reconsider.

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Published Jun. 25th 2013
  • hendrik.valentim
    How can one be sceptical of a game "because" it is financed by the players themselves ?! First of all, the developer still holds the directive capacity in their hands and can make a sounding whole. Secondly, crowdfunding means more money actually reaches the developer's studio. How can these two be outweighed by which ever reason the auther did not even reveal ?

    Also, it is worthwhile noting that "because" the players votes a lot for exploration as a primary interest, content in the game, the assets, the missions, the NPCs, will be expanded into this direction now more during development than previously anticipated. Great stuff when crowdfunding is executed like this.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    it's personal opinion. You can agree to disagree if you'd like. I just don't put much faith in games that require the fans to put so much money in up front. If it fails that's a huge letdown for the investors.
  • StarCitizenBacker
    Anyways rejoice , this is the game for you!

    Space genre fans, are proving that.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    Thanks Katy, for helping me get to the bottom of this jumbled mess. I'm going back and editing a bit of info in myself.
  • Katy Hollingsworth
    Former Staff Editor
    Thanks for updating. :)
  • StarCitizenBacker
    So, to prevent the spreading false information, i was like to propose that you correct your statements in this article, to the real information about CIG game and why it's getting backed to 11 million dollars or more.

    Thank you, and once you read the link, i think you will be very happy with what CIG has in store for all space genre fans!

    Star Citizen Community*
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    I still don't see this information on 2 games. Give me a link to the exact information you are referring to please, all I see on the site is information about 1 game. Is this private information only for backers? If so I'm not a backer so cannot see this info.

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