5 Most Punishing Indie Games on Steam Right Now

Titan Souls

With a name that takes direct inspiration from Dark Souls, you might expect that Titan Souls would share that series's notorious difficulty. And you'd be right. The premise is simple-- you're in a world where the only enemies are bosses. Your only weapon is a single arrow you can shoot and pull back to you. And everything dies in one hit-- including you.

You might think that the bosses dying in one hit would make them easy, but getting that hit is easier said than done. Every boss has some sort of weak point, some sort of weakness you need to exploit to be victorious. As a result, each fight feels unique and stress-inducing, as you're essentially trying to solve a puzzle while under constant threat of dying from a single slip-up. The game requires you to develop very quick reflexes, and the thunk you get when your arrow finds its mark is incredibly satisfying.

Published Jun. 11th 2017

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