8 XCOM 2 Mods You Need to Play Until the War of the Chosen DLC

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I love a good turn-based strategy game and the XCOM games don't disappoint; they've given me hours and hours of intense gameplay, a great story, and the chance to stack alien bodies like a boss. Now, while most of the other DLC for XCOM 2 is kinda' trash -- except for the "Shen's Last Gift" DLC -- I'm pretty confident that the "War of the Chosen" DLC announced at E3 is going to follow Shen's guidance and be amazing.

But it's a little ways off. 

With that in mind, let's take a look at 8 XCOM 2 mods available on the Steam Workshop that you should be playing until "War of the Chosen" gets released on August 29. 

Published Jun. 22nd 2017

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