Gamer Gift Guide: For the Bethesda (Fallout/The Elder Scrolls) Enthusiast

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Are you sick of hearing about Fallout 4 from your friend/relative/significant other? What about The Elder Scrolls Online? Do they still sink hundreds of hours every month into questing through Tamriel? You may be dealing with a Bethesda Softworks enthusiast. 

The Bethesda Store can be pretty overwhelming, but offers the greatest possible gifts someone like you could be looking for. You just need to know where to find all of the best goodies. Also, keep in mind that although Bethesda itself sells some pretty cool things, it isn't the only source of great gifts.

Everything you need to know about buying Bethesda gear for your loved ones is here. This gift guide has got you covered.

Published Oct. 28th 2015

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