Fortnite Tomato Town Map & Loot Location Guide

The Season 4 Week 1 challenges kick off a new Tomato Town treasure map -- leading you on the hunt for a battle star that's sitting right out in the open ... if you know where to look.

Ready for another Fortnite treasure map hunt? Fortnite's Season 4 Week 1 challenges have arrived, along with a drastically altered map featuring new crater areas and gravity-defying hop rocks. Let's go ahead and dive right into completing the Tomato Town treasure map!

How to Find Week 1's Challenge Loot

This challenge is incredibly easy to complete. Just leap from the bus and land at the eastern side of Loot Lake.

You'll be looking for a small, white broken row boat sticking up out of the water right by the rock formation opposite the main house island on Loot Lake. Land on the row boat (or swim there if you missed it) and the battle star loot will appear.

You don't even have to actually find the Tomato Town treasure map first to get Week 1's prize. However, if you really want to, you can land in Tomato Town, search for the map, and then sprint west toward Loot Lake -- but those extra steps aren't necessary.

 Tomato Town Treasure Map Loot Location

This treasure map hunt is just one of the Season 4 Week 1 challenges currently available for Battle Pass players. Here's the full breakdown of new ways to earn stars in Fortnite this week:

  • Deal damage with Sniper Rifles to opponents (500)
  • Search Chests in Haunted Hills (7)
  • Use a Port-a-Fort
  • Search F-O-R-T-N-I-T-E Letters (8)
  • Follow the treasure map found in Tomato Town (Hard)
  • Pistol Eliminations (3) (Hard)
  • Eliminate opponents in Flush Factory (3) (Hard)

 Landing at the exact location for the rowboat prize
(thanks to HarryNinetyFour for the screenshot)

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Published May. 2nd 2018

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