Minecraft: Story Mode Guide -- Episode 1 (Part Three)

Things get really scary for the gang! Betrayal! Monsters! Mine carts! Check out the next installment in our Minecraft: Story Mode guide.

Welcome back to our ongoing guide to Minecraft: Story Mode. When last we left our intrepid adventurers, they had just escaped the villainous clutches of the dastardly Ivor, but Lukas had been left behind! Oh no!

Choosing to rescue Lukas lets you keep him around, but no matter what you choose, Ivor gets the ball rolling on his evil plan, interrupting the warrior Gabriel in the middle of his speech.

Ivor airs some grievances and, before anyone can act, summons a pretty epic baddie to terrorize the crowd and show Gabriel what's what. Unfortunately, things get out of hand pretty quickly, and Jesse needs to start dodging or he'll eat some Wither blasts. Keep your quick-time fingers primed, because the events come quickly.

Eventually, even Ivor can't control the beast, and everyone is forced to flee. Quick-time your way past the chickens and through the crowds until you find yourself back with your friends (if you didn't go back for him,  a very unhappy Lukas will meet you there). Keep running, this time using the direction keys to avoid the obstacles. Be ready to dodge and pay attention to the cues on screen.

Eventually you'll end up back at Gabriel's fortress, where there's a portal you can take to safety. Unfortunately, the Wither beast is still coming after you, and it's as determined as ever. Once you make it to the portal, you'll need to use a specific item to get it working (aren't you glad you grabbed everything out of the house at the beginning?), but then you're going to be forced to make a pretty tough decision.

Right when things are at their worst, Gabriel gives you a fancy amulet and tells you to find the other members of the Order of the Stone, but before he can tell you more, both he and Petra are snapped up by big beams of Wither light.

Key Decision

Save Petra


Save Gabriel

There's not really a great decision to be made here. If you save Gabriel, Petra is gone for the rest of the episode, but if you save Petra, you'll get separated from both of them. Choose what you think is best and get ready for the other side of the portal.

Tensions are running high, and there's some intense conversation, including a debate about going back. But the decision is made for you when Ivor comes crashing through, followed by a Wither tentacle that wrecks the portal behind it, leaving the crew stranded in the Nether.

Ivor, unsurprisingly, finds a way to leave you all behind without helping, and soon enough Jesse and the team are all in danger again. Luckily, there's a mine cart nearby! Hop in and get ready for the ride of your life!

Keep your fingers ready for quick-time events, hang on, and you should survive the ride just fine. Assuming you survive, you'll find yourself at another portal, and it's pretty much your only option, so head on through.

If you're surprised to find out that Jesse gets in to more trouble on the other side, you're not paying attention! Stay tuned for our next installment of the Minecraft: Story Mode Guide!

Published Oct. 19th 2015

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