Cris Tales — How to Beat the Volcano Sisters

Having trouble beating the Volcano Sisters in Cris Tales? Here's our guide for how to do just that!

Thie first boss in Cris Tales can be a doozy for those just jumping into the game who might not completely understand the mechanics necessary to win fights like these. Theyare part of your tutorial experience, but once you've acquired the time crystals, you'll have to beat the Volcano Sisters for real.

Taking them down isn't easy. Here's everything you need to know in order to defeat the Volcano Sisters in Cris Tales.

Cris Tales — How to Beat the Volcano Sisters

This boss fight consists of each of the Volcano Sisters holding one half of a shield, which when pressed together, makes them impervious to attacks. This means you'll need to act fast in order to get your strikes in at the right times in order to deal enough damage to properly win the fight.

Using your time manipulation mechanics, you'll need to find the right moment to make your attack. 

As players should have discovered with other enemy types, causing metal objects to rust is the key to several fights, and this one is no different. Thus utilizing a water elemental attack followed by time manipulation into the future is key to ending up on the winning side of this conflict

Volcano Sisters Strategy

First, you'll want to attack the duo with your elemental attack of water, followed by your time manipulation to the future. Once this combo is completed you can deal regular damage to the Volcano Sisters, regardless of them having their shield.

Even with this combo down, it won't be a breeze to complete this boss encounter, as the Volcano Sisters have quite devastating attacks regardless of their defensive properties. Pressing the confirm button right before you're attacked to perform a parry will help to nullify some of that damage, so staying on point is crucial. 

As with many of the fights in Cris Tales, this one can be a slog, but getting into this rhythm will allow you to deal enough damage while preventing enough from the Volcano Sisters to make sure you come out on top. Check out our other Cris Tales guides here on GameSkinny.


Published Jul. 29th 2021

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