FFXIV All Saints Wake 2022 Walkthrough

How to get the new clown glamour out of this year's All Saints' Wake in FFXIV: Endwalker.

It's been a long while, but All Saints' Wake is finally back in Final Fantasy XIV and with it comes a unique clown glamour outfit that more than a few Eorzeans might like to add to their glamour dresser.

This All Saints' Wake event offers FFXIV players the clown outfit, unique face paint, as well as two unique furniture pieces that will surely be useful come October.

FFXIV: All Saints' Wake 2022 Walkthrough

To start the All Saints' Wake event and get the quest "All Clowns' Wake", you'll need to head to Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre in Gridania and speak with the Adventurers' Guild Investigator, who is not far from the Aetheryte and found at the coordinates 10.4,8.4.

He'll get you started, and you'll need to enter a special instance to continue to event: the Phantom's Feast.

Through the Phantom's Feast, you and three others will form a light party to save souls and.. well, you yourself do feast, too. You'll have two abilities you can use through the course of the instance.

The first allows you to banish wraiths directly in front of you and the second saves captured souls throughout the Phantom's Feast.

Progressing through FFXIV's Phantom's Feast is easy enough and I'll digress with spoilers, but I will give a tip for each "boss" engagement:

  1. You need to walk through the pumpkins in the first engagement, as you would when picking up medals in the Leap of Faith GATE in the Gold Saucer.
  2. Exquisite Dishes take much longer to eat than the others in the second engagement, and provide more points.
  3. Try to banish multiple wraiths at a time in the third engagement, and just accept you'll be running around without charges for a bit.

Completing the Phantom's Feast grants six Pumpkin Cookies, and completing the initial quest grants you a single Pumpkin Cookie for a total of seven to start.

To get all of the clown outfit (which is adorable, by the way), you'll need a total of 12 Pumpkin Cookies. You can exchange them with the terribly dressed Shady Smock by the amphitheatre stage for pieces of the outfit as well as the two furniture pieces and Magicked Prism (Pumpkin), which are best purchased with leftovers.

Once you complete the event quest, you can talk to the Harlequin Guide on the amphitheatre stage to enter the Phantom's Feast again to get the remaining six Pumpkin Cookies for the entire outfit.

If you want to get the furniture as well, you'll have to do the Phantom's Feast a third time to wrap it all up. And of course, if you want a bunch of Magicked Prism (Pumpkin), you'll have to do it a whole lot since you only get 10 Magicked Prism (Pumpkin) per Pumpkin Cookie.

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