Gears 5 Horde Mode Changes Announced, Crossplay Supported

New ultimate abilities, Halo characters, and a power tap system come to the fan-favorite horde mode, while Xbox One and PC players will be able to work together in most game modes.

The Inside Xbox presentation at Gamescom 2019 saw a slew of reveals, from new looks at the much-anticipated found-footage horror crossover Blair Witch to the return of turn-based, post-apocalyptic tactical combat with Wasteland 3 and a release date reveal for Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition

One of the most hyped moments, however, was easily the look at the fan-favorite Horde mode returning in next month's Gears 5, and we've got plenty of news on what to expect from the re-tooled mode.

Waves of enemies return in a form similar to what you might expect, although this time around, each unique character gets an ultimate ability to utilize when neutralizing the horde, such as cloaking, x-ray vision, or airstrikes in outdoor locations.

A few other tweaks to the formula have been announced, too, like the addition of power taps that offer various rewards for relocating your base instead of staying in one spot for every wave.

Aside from the normal collection of Gears characters, we get two new surprising additions to Horde mode:

  • Jack: the robot companion!
  • Halo Spartans: Kat-B320 and Emile-A239 will be included as part of the Halo: Reach character pack, automatically included with the Gears 5 Ultimate Edition

Cross-play will be possible between the Xbox One and PC for Horde, Versus, and Escape modes, in addition to playing the campaign in Co-Op.

PC players who exceed the recommended specs will also be able to download an additional texture pack for higher detail and Super Ultra-Wide 32:9 resolution support.

Gears 5 is officially set to drop September 10 on Xbox One and PC on Steam and the Windows 10 store. Game Pass Ultimate holders will be able to play the game's multiplayer modes four days early.

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Published Aug. 19th 2019

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