German video game director is giving us a less than stellar version of Netflix

Imagine a different version of Netflix that only streams Uwe Boll films....

German director Uwe Boll, is a man who has a knack for making terrible video game movies. Throughout his career, he has received critical backlash for his films and his response to the criticism has been rather vocal. Last year, he posted a video on YouTube, responding to the failed crowdfunding campaign for his upcoming movie, Rampage 3, which basically told fans to go fuck themselves. He continued his rant by claiming that he's done with crowdfunding and said goodbye to Hollywood. 

Recently, however, Reddit has picked up on something that is no doubt related to him: BollFlix. Think of it as another Netflix, but with this version, you can only watch his movies. These films include House of the Dead, Postal, Bloodrayne, and Alone in The Dark. Never heard of these films? You can sign up for BollFlix and watch them, but keep in mind that these movies are all dog shit. 

This is a streaming site that is either backed by fans or has Boll pulling the strings. Boll, himself, hasn't mentioned anything about it on any videos, but it's highly likely that he is involved in some capacity.

This could be another cash grab scheme, but if you want to watch terrible movies that made great video games look bad, this may be for you.


Published Sep. 14th 2016

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