Kingdom Hearts Op-Ed: Was Sora destined to be a Keyblade Wielder?

Sora is a hero of light and a chosen Keyblade wielder, but was this his destiny from the start or did he change his own fate?

Throughout the Kingdom Hearts series, Sora has always been the hero. With the help of his friends and allies from the various worlds he travels to, he has beaten the Darkness time and time again. It all started on that fateful day he was chosen by the Keyblade, a mysterious key shaped weapon created to combat the forces of Darkness to protect the realm of light. Although Sora was chosen by the Keyblade, does this mean he was destined to be chosen or did outside influences force him to be chosen?

His Fight Begins...

Sora's journey to the different worlds started when his world; Destiny Islands was attacked and destroyed by the Heartless. After witnessing his best friend Riku become consumed by darkness, he escaped that same fate when he chosen by the Keyblade. Although Sora was chosen by the Keyblade he wasnt the original choice, Riku was but since he had let darkness into his heart it went to Sora the next best person.

This raised a lot of questions until it was all explained in the multiple sequels and spin-offs such as Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. With King Mickey, Riku, Kairi and even his own Nobody; Roxas having their own Keyblades. Ultimately, Sora was never the only Keyblade wielder in the series. 

In Birth by Sleep, (which takes place 10 years before the events of Kingdom Hearts) we witness Terra one of the 3 apprentices of master Eraqus a full-fledged Keyblade master visit Destiny Islands and entrust Riku to become a Keyblade wielder when he is older. Many would say that this right here could be what sealed Sora's fate. In retrospect, it does seem likely and the story line of Terra can easily support that but that is not the real answer.

Multiple Hearts, One Hero

The whole back story of Sora and Ventus' (one of the three apprentices of master Eraqus) hearts becoming one can be a bit tricky so bare with the lore for a moment. Ventus was forced to have his heart split in 2 by master Xeanhort the main villian throughout the entire series. These 2 halves became Ventus and Vanitas; the Darkness from Ven's heart personified. After a huge battle at the end of the game with Ven and Vanitas, the main reason for their battle was so master Xeanhort could create the ultimate Keyblade, the "X-blade" (pronounced chi). 

There battle resulted in Ven destroying Vanitas and leaving his own heart severely damaged. Ven's heart had travelled to find a safe place to rest while his body went into a deep "sleep". Ven's heart ultimately came to Sora and sought shelter within his heart so it could be whole again. This is the pivotal moment that had sealed Sora's fate as a future Keyblade wielder.

Does this mean he was destined to be chosen? Yes and no. Yes since it was a mixture of Ven's heart which was already deemed worthy to wield a Keyblade and no because there was one important encounter during the first game that makes the deciding vote. During an encounter with Riku at Hollow Bastion during Kingdom Hearts, Sora's Keyblade was stolen by Riku. Shortly after Sora had confronted Riku and the Keyblade had chosen Sora permanently as his heart was not only stronger than Riku's but purer than his as it wasnt tainted by the Darkness. 

Destined path or Changed fate?

Sora was not destined to be a Keyblade wielder as it was Riku that was intended to be be chosen but with the his heart keeping Ven's heart within and having a stronger and purer heart than Riku's, the Keyblade had chosen Sora to be a protector of the Realm of Light.

What do you think about this? Leave any opinions and comments on what your thoughts are.

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Published Jul. 27th 2015
  • Jackson Ingram
    Yeah, that's a huge part of the series. Sora is supposed to be an "ordinary boy" who does extraordinary things because of the love in his heart, not because of "destiny." Fate is Master Xehanort's thing. It's supposed to help contrast the two.

    It's a good theme for the series, despite not always coming through strongly. It does become more interesting when applied to other characters. Riku, the true "Chosen One," fell off his destined path, temporarily losing his way and eventually forging a new road for himself. Terra and Ven's "destinies" were actually written for them by Master Xehanort's schemes. It wasn't fate at all, but careful manipulation.

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