The biggest names in eSports: Who is on top and who is on the rise


League of Legends

Much like the image above, the Immortals (IMT) are a new, mysterious group that has emerged in the League of Legends pro scene. When the team was founded at the end of 2015, the announcement stirred up the NA region. IMT is made up of an all-star line up, and is expected to be the strongest team coming out of NA this year. Every member of IMT is an experienced player, and many have come from top-tier teams such as TSM, CLG, and Fnatic.

However, what makes IMT so interesting is their performance in the NA LCS. They exceeded expectations by going 10-0 during the Spring split and took out NA's best teams with ease. Perhaps they will be the next team to take on other region's best like Korea's SKT1 or China's LGD.

NA is known as the weakest region for LoL eSports, but IMT wants to prove otherwise. 

So follow IMT's standings over at LoL eSports and show some support. 

Published Feb. 18th 2016

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