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Team Enemy


Continuing with the SMITE pro scene is Team Enemy. Despite poor performance in the 2015 Spring Split, Enemy deserves recognition for their stellar gameplay during the the 2016 SWC. Even thought Enemy was considered the underdog, they managed to make it all the way to the finals, where they lost to Epsilon Esports. 

If you missed SWC, here is game one of Enemy vs Epsilon

Team Enemy has an interesting history behind them because much of the original team is gone. After losing the several games during the split, team captian, PainDeViande, made last-minute roster changes and replaced every member of Enemy. This decision created a backlash from the community, but the results were worth it. 

After the roster changes, Enemy demonstrated their new strength. They beat TSM and EnVyUS during the Super Regionals, and secured a spot in SWC 2016 as second seed for NA.

Proving themselves as a top-tier team, Team Enemy is a team to look out for in future SMITE tournaments. For a more detailed team history, visit Team Enemy's official website.

Published Feb. 18th 2016

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