Gamer Gift Guide: For the Aspiring YouTuber

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A good attitude, entertaining content, time, patience, and persistence. What do all of these attributes have in common? They're all something you need if you want to be a YouTuber.

Having a gaming YouTube channel requires a lot more than the things I've already mentioned. Being something of an authority on the subject (I'm already on YouTube as BlackTideTV), I've constructed this gift guide so those of you buying for an aspiring content creator will know how to make them smile.

The guide features some pretty expensive equipment, so I've included extra slides with cheaper, starting variants of those items. It will be up to you, the buyer, to decide which level of gear your loved one needs at the moment. 

For example, I'm currently resting at 220 subscribers and I've been able to get this far without Sony Vegas, a high-tech microphone, or a PlayStation Eye Camera. But they're all future purchases on my list.

I've included "subscriber recommendations" at the beginning of every slide, so you can get a general idea of how many subs your YouTuber-in-training should have before you buy specific items.

Without further ado, you may click the Next button to get started!

Published Nov. 2nd 2015

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