Top 10 Games of E3

With all the great games announced at this year's E3, it seems impossible to list the very best. But, I did anyways.

E3 this year was one of the best ones that I’ve seen in a while. There were some amazing games announced, and some epic features that are coming to the gaming industry.

With all the great games, it’s hard to say which of them I was the most impressed with. But I did it; here are my top 10 games that I feel looked the best, and that I want to play now.

10. Doom

I loved Bethesda's E3, and they started it off the right way with Doom. The whole thing got me pumped up to put some lead in the demons. Doom is the iconic FPS game series, and this year they delivered. The concept of actually getting to design your own maps for online multiplayer is a huge plus.The mechanics, graphics, and gameplay all look great! 

9. Cuphead

This indie game by Studio MDHR looks insanely fun. It’s a stroke of genius, really, taking classic cartoon themed levels and having the player try to make his way through each course. It has a lighthearted vibe, but the more I watch the trailer, the more difficult the game looks. 

8. Mario and Luigi Paper Jam

If you’re a fan of the Mario and Luigi series, and a fan of the Paper Mario series, you’re in for some good times. Nintendo just combined the two for an entirely new RPG, and it looks like they’re taking the best of both worlds. I just hope they include another Pit of 100 Trials in this one.

7. South Park: The Fractured But Whole

When I played South Park: The Stick of Truth, I was really impressed and surprised at how much I enjoyed the game. It was funny, grotesque (of course), and had an easy yet enjoyable combat system. Now, Ubisoft will release a sequel. I’m looking forward to farting on my opponents again. I just hope the campaign is longer in this one. 

6. Rise of the Tomb Raider

The last Tomb Raider game was (in my opinion) the best in the series. Everything about it really kept me entertained, especially the action commands, the fights, and those puzzling tombs (of course). So after viewing the gameplay for Rise of the Tomb Raider, I can tell you that I’m officially on board and ready to play. It looks like Crystal Dynamics is listening to what the fans want. I’m still wondering how Lara manages to jump that high and that far, though..

5. Uncharted 4

The Uncharted series is definitely one of the best out there. The fourth installment looks predictable, but that’s a good thing. Naughty Dog knows what they’re doing, and you know the game’s going to be great before you start playing. I watched the gameplay for it, and I knew instantly that this is a must have. 

4. Fallout 4

As I said before, Bethesda nailed it this year. It was really hard making this list thanks to them. With Doom, Dishonored 2, The Elder Scrolls Online, and Fallout 4 all in one E3 show, it was tough having to cut some of the games. But Fallout 4 definitely took the cake. It looks amazing, and the customizable features are incredible. You will be able to customize characters, weapons, and even create buildings. It’s going to be great.

3. Star Fox Zero

A much-awaited game, and it looks phenomenal. This was Nintendo’s focal point this year, and it looks very impressive. I can’t wait for Peppy to shout, ”Do a barrel roll” again. And I definitely can’t wait to let that stupid toad, Slippy, die over and over. This game will be released sometime this holiday season. 

2. Rare Replay

With all the great games out there, it may seem strange to include a collection of games near the top of the list. But this collection is more meaningful than we think. I recently wrote a tribute to Rare, stating how I’m ready to let them go. Microsoft has revived all my hopes for this company however, and it looks like they’re finally going to let Rare make some amazing games again. So in the meantime, we get this wonderful collection that is an absolute must for Xbox One gamers.

1. Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The long-awaited game by Square Enix has been announced (finally), but it was just a teaser trailer, nothing more. So can just the announcement for this game, as well as a teaser trailer really be enough to put this as the greatest highlight for E3’s video games? The answer is yes, yes, and yes. If you’re wondering why this is, here’s an article to help explain.

So this is my top 10 E3 games, but it was a hard one. There were so many great games out there, and it was hard to not put some of the indie games or Dishonored 2 on this list, but I did the best I could. Do you have a top 10 that you want to share? Or what is your number one game you’re looking forward to? Feel free to comment and share! 

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Published Jun. 18th 2015

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