Dragon Slayer Award Nominees: Best New Indie Game

Helps us decide which new indie game deserves to be given a Dragon Slayer Award.

Proof that independent video games have finally blossomed into forest of vast games are this year's Dragon Slayer Award nominees for Best New Indie Game.

We have horror games, simulators, pretty games, games with strong narratives, and sandbox games - just to name a few of the genres our nominees can claim. So without further ado, the Dragon Slayer Award Nominees for Best Indie Game. 

  • Among the Sleep
  • Goat Simulator
  • Starbound
  • The Forest
  • Transistor

How Do I Choose?

It's true, each of the five games nominated for this category offer a little something different to the indie game scene and the gaming scene at large. So here are a few things to keep in mind while deciding which of these games to vote for. 

Game Mechanics

Indie games have perfected the art of taking simple game mechanics and transforming them into artfully complex systems. This might be a new style of combat, the melding of narrative and gameplay, the creation of a new genre, or a new twist on an older formula. 

Think about this: if the game was stripped down to its basics, are the mechanics both sound and interesting? Are the fundamental concepts of the game (puzzles, survival, combat, simulation) unique unto themselves? 


In addition to distinct gameplay, many indie games are known for artful presentations. Some may use retro art, enticing soundtracks, and even new types of narratives. 

So when thinking about presentation, ask yourself this: How do the artful elements of the game come together? How do the auditory, visual and narrative elements of the game come together to create a larger whole? 

Industry Innovation

While it's fine and dandy to choose a game simply based on gameplay, we would humble ask you to consider the impact these independent games have had on the overall gaming industry. 

When thinking about this, try to analyze what each of our nominees offer the their respective genres. Did a game completely revolutionize its genre? Did it create its own? What does it have to offer in the larger picture? 

Go Vote!

So with those considerations in mind, go vote for your favorite Dragon Slayer Award nominees, and help us decide once and for all what the best new indie game of 2014 is. 

Published Jul. 31st 2014

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