How Bushido-Inspired Fighter Slice, Dice & Rice Rethinks the Genre

From one-hit kills and unique art style, Dojo Games presents a fresh new fighter game, inspired by the Bushido Blade series.

Want to fight against the most dangerous warriors in an underworld universe? Then you need to experience this indie fighter game.

On April 27, Dojo Games introduces  Slice, Dice & Rice on Steam, and players can fight against eight warriors in six unique battle stages. They must use defensive and offensive tactics to take down their opponent.

Although it may sound like a typical fighter game, Dojo Games takes their indie fighter game into a new perspective. By taking elements from Bushido Blade and mixing it with the familiar fighter genre elements, Slice, Dice & Rice sets it apart from other fighter games.

The Most Satisfying One-Hit Kill Experience

Like Street Fighter, players enter into a 2D movement plane battlefield and can perform basic low, medium, and high range attacks with their chosen character. However, the game does not give health bars, and players must try to strike with one deadly hit against their opponent, like Bushido Blade. 

Because of these elements, it pushes the players to focus solely on the movements of their opponents while making offensive or defensive choices. The game removes the idea of memorizing special moves and forces players to not button mash their way to victory, making the gameplay both simple and satisfying.

By taking both one-hit wonder kills and 2D movements, Slice, Dice & Rice combines these two elements into something refreshing and realistic.

Japanese Art Comes To Life

Fighter games, like Tekken and Soul Calibur, contain 3D animation designs that portray vibrant colors schemes in its characters and settings. But Slice, Dice & Rice takes a mix of 2D and 3D animation with minimal colors, making the designs unique.

Because the colors are less eye-catching to the viewer, the red blood stands out to the player and creates each kill to feel more dynamic. The black and white ink art style fits well with the 2D animation and makes the 3D animation feel subtle. Not only do the ink-like designs complement the hand-drawn battle settings, but it also makes this game feel like an authentic piece of Japanese artwork that comes to life.

It's More Than Just Rice

From one-hit kills to living artwork, Slice, Dice & Rice pushes the boundaries of any typical fighting game. Instead of button smashing your way to victory, players think towards their choices and perform them through battles while experiencing the artwork.

This game may not offer an online multiplayer mode and DLCs, but the satisfaction still remains by killing through AI characters and local multiplayer mode. Since this game is only about two weeks old, fans can only expect more what Slice, Dice & Rice offers next.

Have you played Slice, Dice & Rice on Steam? Share your thoughts on this indie fighter game in the comments below!


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Published May. 14th 2017

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