Throwback Thursday: Looking Back at Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Looking back at a great game with a silly controller: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is an amazing GameCube game that had a fresh take on plastic instruments. Initially launched in 2004 as a GameCube exclusive, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat received great reviews. Although this game was later released on the Wii, I will only be looking back at the GameCube launch.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is fun and simply all around enjoyable. The environments are well-designed and beautiful to look at. The level design plays well for the entire game. Plus the game offers the simplistic Donkey Kong control scheme that fans of the old series are familiar with.

The bongo control peripheral simply adds to the game's mechanics. I found myself enjoying game time more when pounding on the plastic drums, instead of just moving Mr. Kong around the screen. If you've found yourself enjoying Jungle Beat on the Wii with no bongos; do yourself a massive favor and seek out a pair of them, then get to beating.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat was the only other title that utilized the bongos; the other being the Donkey Konga series. If there is only one of the two games you ever play with the bongos be sure that it is Jungle Beat you will not be disappointed. 

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Published Mar. 5th 2015

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