Space Engineers: Update 01.027

New Space Engineers features as of 01.027

A brand new update for early access game Space Engineers was released today, adding a couple of new items, adding functionality to others and fixing a couple of problems.

New Features
  • Wheels: Space Engineers now includes wheels, adding the ability to create a variety of wheeled vehicles. If you've wanted to created a small vehicle to get around that space station a little faster, nows your chance!
  • Decoys: The decoy block is used as an aiming target for turrets. Want some target practice to see if those turrets are up to scratch? This will do the job nicely. Decoys can be placed inside ships or space stations to cause turrets to shoot at and damage them.
  • Automatic Turrets: The gatling and interior turrets are now functional. These turrets aim automatically and are designed primarily as a defensive mechanism rather than for targeting other players. The turrets will fire at  and destroy meteorites, decoys and anything that has been connected to a decoy.
  • Missile Launchers: The missile launcher that was previously limited to small scale ships can now be utilised on large ships and platforms with this new block.
  • Inclusion of a Pause button (Pause/Break) in offline mode: Previous to this update, opening the inventory in offline mode would cause the game to pause. This is no longer the case, if you don't pause the game manually it will continue running. (Take care you don't drift off into space!)
  • Collector, Connector and Conveyor Systems: These blocks now require power in order to work.
  • Memory Peak after load (32-bit Systems)
  • Fixed sprinting and running sounds disappear
  • Fixed hand animations when adding or removing objects in creative mode
  • Fixed several crashes and issues preventing the game starting
  • Fixed launch issues on cards with out HDR support
  • Fixed assembler sounds
  • Fixed custom names

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Published Apr. 24th 2014

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