5 Best Games to Buy for Playstation VR

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Sony has recently announced that sales for the PlayStation VR have surpassed one million units. Since its launch, Sony has expressed its own surprise at the peripheral's reception. And of course, its success is somewhat because of the games released alongside it -- but it's also because the PSVR is a well-crafted and well-developed piece of hardware. In the world of VR headsets, Sony's PSVR holds its own. 

With previously released games like Skyrim moving into the VR space and new games being developed specifically to be explored in VR, now is definitely the time to see what kinds of worlds are being built! From developers like Capcom and Guerrilla Cambridge come some of the most enjoyable PSVR games out there to date -- many games that anyone can enjoy.

Here are the five best PSVR games that you can buy right now! 

Published Jun. 17th 2017

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