The 7 Best Minecraft 1.12 Mods for World of Color Update

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Wearable Backpacks

Backpack is just such a neat item that it would be a total bummer not to have one for yourself in Minecraft 1.12. This mod adds a simple crafting recipe to your game that requires 7 leather, 1 gold ingot, and 1 wool.

This is an incredibly convenient way of storing your valuables instead of keeping everything in a remote chest. Quite often you need some specific item that you keep in your chest, and in order to get it you need to travel all the way back. But with the wearable backpack, this problem is solved!

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What is your personal favorite Minecraft mod for the World of Color update? Share your choice in the comments section below.  And don’t forget to see all the new features of the World of Color update through a some of the best Minecraft 1.12 seeds currently available for this version of the game.

Published Jun. 23rd 2017

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