Dragon Quest Heroes lands on Steam as first English DQ on PC

Dragon Quest Heroes smashes its way onto Steam today.

Is it fitting that the first Dragon Quest game to find its way to the English PC market is a combat-oriented spin-off? Maybe, but I'm certainly not one to complain.

Dragon Quest Heroes combines the charm (and some RPG features) of the mainline Dragon Quest series with the quick, lawnmower-style gameplay of the Dynasty Warrior series. The two mix far better than you might imagine.

This is the very first time any Dragon Quest title has made it to PC in English, and is only the second game in the series to see a PC release at all -- the first being the Japan-only MMORPG Dragon Quest X. Unfortunately, Square Enix doesn't seem too keen on localizing the latter.

Dragon Quest Heroes on Steam is also coming with some slimy goodness befitting its "Slime Edition" moniker. Buyers will receive seven Slime Weapons and two maps to play with. Not too shabby of a bonus to make up for the console to PC delay -- the PlayStation 4 version came out in October, after all.

If you are even lukewarm on Dynasty Warriors-style gameplay and love the mainline Dragon Quest series, Heroes is kind of a no-brainer to buy. It's no Dragon Quest X, but it will definitely do.

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Published Dec. 7th 2015

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