Table Top Game Review: Food Fight Card Game

Food Fight the card game. Is it as fun as an actual food fight? Here's my review.

It's a Food Fight...except not as messy!

While attending the first annual Southern Maine Family Game Festival I of course had to pick up a game or two. One of which was the card game Food Fight by Cryptozoic Entertainment.

Food Fight was created by Cory Jones, game design by Matt Hyra, and art work by Robb Mommaerts. I believe the game first hit the shelves in 2011. The game is listed as being for ages 15 and up with the number of players from 2 to 6. The average playing time of the game is usually about 30 minutes.

Dinner for Two

To try the game out I decided to sit down with my favorite gamer. My 7 year old son. First off, yes my son doesn't hit the recommended age of the game but we have been playing table top games for about two years now. He is well seasoned (pun intended)!

The game is fought over Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner battlefields with an army of cleverly labeled food armies.


After building your army from randomly dealt cards, each player chooses which "meal" to fight for in a quest to earn 10 total victory points to win the game. The battle is played out in the old "war" style where each player flips over one card at a time and compares "yumminess" points to see who wins that fight. "Instant" cards, which are like condiments, can add to a players score to try and win.  The player with the most wins during the battle will take that meal and the victory points that go with it.

A set of cards called "the Dog" can also come into play if a meal is not contested by two players so that a player doesn't get a free meal. Fighting the dog is not easy and after several shots by both my son and I against the dog, I think we might have won 1 of 5 times, if that.

After a day of eating Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner is over you start the next turn and do it all again until someone wins.

Can I Have Seconds?

The game is full of fun names (Private Pizza, Kaboom Kabob, Tank O'Fries, Ketchup Mechanic, Candy Warhol, etc.) and food references for turns to keep it light hearted but still competitive. The more the players the harder the fight of course, but with just the two of us we managed about 30 minutes of good fun. There are more advanced rules if playing with veteran players, but the basic rules are set up that you can learn the game in about 10 minutes or so.

I'm definitely happy that I picked up this game. It's one that fits great into my growing collection and one that I will play on a regular basis. I recommend that you go out and pick up this game too and add it to your collection. You won't be disappointed or get food poisoning.

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Food Fight the card game. Is it as fun as an actual food fight? Here's my review.

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Published Nov. 10th 2013

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