How to Use the Bow in Conan Exiles

Learn how to engage in bloody ranged combat in Conan Exiles.

To survive in Conan Exiles you must be prepared. Combat is brutal and challenging, requiring mastery of each weapon to succeed. The bow is a powerful ranged weapon, but only to those who know how to use it. Luckily, this guide will teach you how to use the bow in Conan Exiles.

Before you engage in bloody combat, you must craft your weapon. Each bow and arrow requires different materials and tools to create. For those wanting to craft, here is a list of requirements for each bow and arrow:

Hunting Bow: 7 Branches, 13 Hides, 13 Twine.

Flinthead Arrows: 10 Branches, 50 Stones

Crossbow: (Needs Carpenters Bench) 7 Branches, 26 Iron Bars, 13 Silk.

Hyrkanian Bow: (Needs Carpenters Bench) 7 Branches, 13 Thick Leather, 13 Silk

Ironhead Arrows: (Needs Carpenters Bench): 10 Branches, 10 Iron Bars

Razorhead Arrows: (Needs Carpenters Bench): 10 Branches, 10 Steel Bars

Fire Arrows: (Needs Carpenters Bench): 10 Branches, 10 Steel Bars, 10 Brimstone.

Snake Arrows: (Requires Worshiping Set and Needs Carpenters Bench) 10 Branches

*To craft these items you require individual recipes earned through spending knowledge points.

To use your bows in combat, you must pair them with a set of arrows. This is done through dragging your arrows onto your bow. When firing, make sure you maintain distance between you and your enemy to limit potential damage.

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Published Feb. 13th 2017

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