8 Most Anticipated Upcoming MMORPGs — And Why You Care

Ashes of Creation

  • Developer: Intrepid Studios
  • Engine: Unreal 4 
  • Current Status: Pre-Alpha
  • Expected Release: TBA 
  • Business Model: Subscription
  • Platform: Windows PC
  • Official Website
What it Offers

Ashes of Creation promises a world "built to react to the actions of [the] players." Land can be developed anywhere and can be specialized for a certain purpose. There are many custom skills and abilities that ensure 64 unique classes. And there are multiple quest types that can change in real time. Players can fight in dungeons, raids, large-scale castle sieges, city defenses and assaults, and arena combat. 

What Makes it Different

The world is planned to be highly interactive. Intrepid Studios' Node System will control how the world is developed. This system will split the map into four distinct sections: Military, Divine, Economic, and Scientific. The many skill and combat choices will allow every player to thrive. Griefers in the open world are not expected to be a problem because of the game's in-depth flagging system. 

How to Get Involved

There will be a Kickstarter campaign for Ashes of Creation in approximately three to five weeks. There will be a countdown on the official website once the Kickstarter is two weeks away. Register your account now to stay updated on the Kickstarter and to begin participating in the forums. 

Published Apr. 8th 2017

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