Dragon Ball Xenoverse Controls: How to Vanish and Throw

Grabbing and vanishing shouldn't be hard, but remembering between control schemes can be troublesome.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse's special move system is one of the most simple out there, but controls outside of that can be a bit iffy thanks to the game's minimal tutorial.

Thanks to the pretty not great tutorial, remembering how to grab and how to vanish can be a headache -- and you definitely don't want to sit there and test out button combinations in the heat of battle. Both actions are critical to progressing through the story and in multiplayer, so you need to have them at your disposal.

One would think this would be a simple topic, but more than one of my friends have had trouble remembering mid-fight. I assume they're not the only ones.

Let's make this simple. Below are the button combinations for both actions on all versions of the game, with the three control schemes. The PC version has controller and keyboard and mouse support, and keyboard controls can be customized.

How to grab or vanish on PS3 and PS4

Controller Type A

  • Grab - L1 and Circle
  • Vanish - L1 and X

Controller Type B

  • Grab - X and Circle
  • Vanish - X and R1

Controller Type C

  • Grab - R1 and Circle
  • Vanish - R1 and

How to grab or vanish on Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Controller Type A

  • Grab - Left bumper and B
  • Vanish - Left bumper and A

Controller Type B

  • Grab - A and B
  • Vanish - A and right bumper

Controller Type C

  • Grab - Right bumper and B
  • Vanish - Right bumper and left bumper

How to grab or vanish on PC

Xenoverse PC players using keyboard and mouse have the luxury of rebinding their keys, which in itself is pretty nice. They also have the option of using an Xbox 360 controller, which uses the same inputs as it does on the console.

If you do rebind your keys, know this combination:

  • Grab - Guard and Ki Blast
  • Vanish - Guard and Jump

If you leave the keys at their default, that translates to:

  • Grab - E and Q
  • Vanish - E and Spacebar

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Published Mar. 10th 2015

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