Square Enix Wants World of Final Fantasy to Open the Series to New Players

Square Enix plan to use World of Final Fantasy to draw in players. The only question is can a chibi style Final Fantasy work?

During the Square Enix E3 Conference we were treated to another look at the upcoming World of Final Fantasy, which was introduced with a trailer during the Sony conference. Reaction to the game at both conferences was mixed because of how drastically different the game is to every other Final Fantasy title. It looks like something straight out of Japanese kids show with chibi characters and monsters that are cute instead of scary.

At their conference Square Enix dropped new details, including extended gameplay footage, to try getting gamers excited for a less serious Final Fantasy. Showing that players will be able to fight using familiar monsters from the series to work through the story, but they stressed something else. Square Enix has started to worry that gamers who have never played Final Fantasy are skipping out on it because they won't know the story.

Their plan with World of Final Fantasy is to make the series less intimidating to try drawing in a bigger audience. Except they didn't explain why exactly the game was jumping so far away from the usual Final Fantasy art and gameplay styles. Long time fans of the series have already started asking the same question, wondering why Square Enix couldn't have found another way to open the story.

Sadly Square Enix didn't have an answer for that question leaving gamers to wonder how successful the chibi style World of Final Fantasy can really be. It's tough to say with how little information we have on the game but that will hopefully change in the next few months.


Published Jun. 16th 2015

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