PAX East 2014: Capy Games' Below

Below continues to impress with aesthetically pleasing visuals and Jim Guthrie's music.

Below by Capy Games has, hands down, one of the most visually arresting games on display this PAX. With a visual style just on this side of tilt-shift photography, a unique perspective and a lovely soundtrack by Jim Guthrie Below is an aesthetically pleasing addition to the pantheon of fantastic games put out by Capy thus far. 

After the initial launch trailer, I was bummed to discover that the game was solely for Xbox One, a system I do not own. But yesterday Capy announced the game would come out on Steam as well. As one Capy programmer put it, "PC people relax, you get to play too." The engaging visual style and use of light emphasize the smallness of the player. 

The game focuses on three core tenants: Explore, Survive, and Discover.  Booth employees wouldn't go much further into descriptions of game mechanics or themes beyond those three points. You're given a limited inventory, and start the game carrying a sword and shield. It was described to me as combat heavy, though most of my interactions were quiet and exploratory. 

Jim Guthrie has contributed an ambient and calming soundtrack, described as similar to Sword and Sworcery but with more sorcery. Overall, the game is beautiful and quiet, a welcome and aesthetically pleasing addition to indie gaming. 

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Published Apr. 12th 2014

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