Can't Wait For Persona 5? Check Out These Other Games in the Megami Tensei Franchise!

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Are you a fan of Persona? Have you been desperately awaiting any further news (or an American/European release date) for the latest title in the beloved series? I certainly have -- and the long wait has become more and more agonizing as the Japanese release date looms closer and closer. Yet, unbeknownst to many fans, there are already many Persona-like titles on the market waiting to be played, adored, and shared with fellow fans. 

Persona is, after all, not a standalone series -- the games are part of a much larger franchise called Megami Tensei, commonly known as Shin Megami Tensei outside of Japan. Since 1987, more than 50 games in this series have been developed and published by Atlus, though not all have been brought to the West. The following slides list Megami Tensei titles that have made their way to American consoles following the Western release of Revelations: Persona on the PlayStation in 1997. Though varied in gameplay and story, each title features a similar demon compendium and action-packed, character-driven story that is sure to entertain and engross. 

Published Jun. 4th 2016

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