5 Best Changes in Far Cry 5

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Companions (especially Boomer)

The biggest addition to Far Cry 5 is the inclusion of Companions. While you've had NPCs to help you in fights in past games, they were limited to specific missions. These NPCs have their own abilities and can help you do a lot. Half the fun of this feature is mixing and matching which two to take with you. Do you have Boomer the dog go spot enemies so that Jess can use her arrows to silently kill them? Or do you have recurring character Hurk go and help you blow shit up while you let loose Cheeseburger the Bear? It's all up to you.

Also, how can you not love Boomer? Just look at him -- he's adorable. He's easily the best video game dog since DD in MGS5. Now if only there were a patch to let him ride shotgun ....


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Published Apr. 4th 2018

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