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Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, Xbox (2005)

For this title, developer Oddworld Inhabitants, decided to develop a first-person shooter instead of the more familiar puzzle games featuring their mascot, Abe. The game focuses on Stranger, a bounty hunter, on the quest to capture various outlaws for cash.

Much different than its predecessors, Stranger's Wrath focused on its shooting mechanics. In fact, one of its more prominent features was that of live ammunition. Stranger could load crossbow with various weird creatures to inflict different types of damage on his enemies. The game received tons of critical praise citing its impeccable, creative design and fun gameplay.

So what happened?

On initial release, Stranger's Wrath did not sell many units causing the PlayStation 2 version of the game to be cancelled. The creator of Oddworld, Lorne Lanning, citied poor marketing as the cause of this game's poor sales

However, a HD release of Stranger's Wrath was released in 2011 allowing gamers to try out this crazy first-person shooter that they probably missed the first time around.

Image source: Euro Gamer

Published Sep. 7th 2015

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