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Sleeping Dogs, PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 (2012)

Developed by United Front Games and Square Enix London, this open-world action game focuses on Wei Shen, an uncover Hong Kong police officer who is attempting to infiltrate the Triads.

The gameplay is similar to Grand Theft Auto in that Shen can procure different vehicles, carry different types of guns, and free-roam the massive city of Hong Kong. However, Sleeping Dogs does emphasize melee combat a la Arkham Asylum. Ultimately, the game was well-received by critics who enjoyed exploring Hong Kong as well as the variety of gameplay elements.

So what happened?

This one is a bit weird. Although the game did sell reasonably well, selling 1.5 million copies in total, publisher Square Enix labeled the game as a flop along with other titles Tomb Raider and Hitman

Perhaps Square Enix was expecting the game make GTA-like numbers, failing to make realistic projections for this title and the others. It's unfortunate as this will likely hinder any possibilities of a sequel.

Image source: Hidden Gem Games

Published Sep. 7th 2015

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