Fresh War Paint: 5 RTS Titles That Need the AoE Definitive Edition Treatment


Myth: The Fallen Lords may be an unfamiliar title for some, but it was quite an important game not just for the RTS genre, but for PC games as a whole. Myth was an early title from Bungie, a company perhaps most currently known for its hit FPS series Halo. In many ways, players can see how Halo might have been influenced by this game. 

Myth had a distinctly deep single player mode, ensuring that equal effort was placed into the narrative of the game as was put into its mechanics. Each level tended to focus on a small group of units taking on a seemingly insurmountable force of enemies. Players were not able to brute-force their way through levels and instead had to study enemy patterns and environmental changes in order to best approach their threats. This was a noticeable departure from the way that RTS games were generally made, in which armies of equal strength were pitted against each other. In the battlegrounds of Myth, you were always an underdog and only your wits could save you. 

Published Jun. 20th 2017

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