Fresh War Paint: 5 RTS Titles That Need the AoE Definitive Edition Treatment

Dune 2

The inclusion of this title on this list may be surprising, but Dune 2 deserves an HD remake more than any other game previously mentioned. What Dune 2 lacks in terms of graphical fidelity it makes up for in sheer legacy. 

Dune 2 was the RTS that defined almost every strategy game that came out after it. A strong intersection between story and gameplay made the game a landmark title that still deserves study to this day. However, many of its qualities do not hold up to modern expectations from players. Dune 2 needs more than just a fresh coat of paint, but any upgrades for modern gaming is well worth the effort. The game was everything an RTS should be, allowing players to put countless hours into it to devise strategies that worked distinctly for them. Given the right amount of love and attention from developers, Dune 2 can be an enormous success.

Published Jun. 20th 2017

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