ARK's Ragnarok Coming to PS4 and Xbox One Very Soon

Even with some delays, Ragnarok could be coming sooner rather than later!

Everything for the ARK: Survival Evolved update 'Ragnarok' seemed to be on course for its July 4th rollout until Studio Wildcard announced a delay for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

Since the update's announcement at E3, fans and gamers alike had been anticipating the launch after the poor reception of v. 256. In a way, this update is a reset for the celebrated action adventure RPG.

While PS4 and Xbox One updates had a hitch in their launches, the PC version went ahead with no delays. But the update seemed to be in trouble a few days before the release when Ark's Community Manager tweeted:

By the July 4th release date, a little trouble turned into a big problem when Jen announced on Twitter:

This bad news came with a little bit of sugar coating, though, as she revealed that the update would have a possible launch date of July 10th only a week later than expected.

The full launch of ARK: Survival Evolved is coming soon on August 8, and will be available digitally and physically for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Published Jul. 7th 2017

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