5 Fantastic YouTube Video Game Musicians



Now here's something a little different.

Triple-Q is a mash-up artist, meaning he takes two or more songs and essentially smashes them together into something new. He has a lot of different videos, and while they aren't all video game related, his video game mash-ups are truly something special.

He manages to find songs that feel like they're from two different worlds, let alone two different genres, and make a mash-up between them that feels so natural that it's surprising it had never been done before. Once you here "ME!ME!ME!" crossed with "The DK Rap" you'll never be able to here one without the other ever again, the quality of the mixing is that good. 

When he isn't working on games, he's mixing anime and rap music together, somehow bringing out both the best and the worst in both in some instances. If you can stand a little goofy tomfoolery (or in this case tom-memery), then give his stuff a try. 

His Knuckles and Black Eyed-Peas mash-up was so flowing sounding and cool that even Sega noticed. No, seriously.

(note: link in tweet has been copyright claimed, so I linked an alternative one above)

Hey, you can trust Sonic the Hedgehog for quality assurance, right? If you can't, then trust us.

Published Aug. 30th 2016

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